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                      Mauerman - Artist And Author

What is Outsider Art?
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Work the paradigm to play

Work makes me laugh but play is hard

What would happen if work and play were the same thing?

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About The Artist/Author:

Nancy is a highly educated, self -taught question asker who was born in Grand Island, Nebraska and by age four she'd discovered scribbling outside the lines was a lot of fun.  At the kitchen table she made a determined commitment to someday also make scribbling LOOK GOOD.

At age thirteen, living in Los Angeles, she began life drawing four to eight hours a week under the tutelage of two commercial artists. After high school she attended Long Beach State, almost flunked out, but returned several years later.  On one and the same day, her art instructor highly suggested she stick to writing and her writing teacher said she'd better focus on art.

'But,' Nancy wondered 'what would happen if I didn't quit?'

She moved to Portland, Oregon where she graduated from Lewis and Clark College and where she lives today.  More importantly, where her scribbles in Crayola Crayons are pulchritudinous pieces of sublime energy and her stories, created to be read out loud, are crafted in words that rattle teeth, caress tongues and feel good in the mouth.

The tales themselves create new thoughts and possibilities while the story lines reveal added depth at every reading. For the listener, Nancy stimulates the, "why did they do that?" thoughts, a love of words.  A world where we are introduced to new and Nan-created words and where children are cherished members of a family of unique grown-ups and downs. Work and play are the same.

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