Outsider Art- Almost All The Girls Are Taller Than Me All I Can See Are Breasts

My husband died six days ago and I already miss what ever things he would have done today and every day next year.

A few years ago he said beaming, “Almost All The Girls Are Taller Than Me! All I Can See Are Breasts!!” He was a few inches shorter than me and almost a year younger. And, he was so proud to be married an OLDER WOMAN.

One day he wore this bathing cap ALL DAY. I was never upset when he appeared to be A LOT younger than me by more than one year. The way I see, he’d been eight for 57 years and just added days and years on top. He usually appeared to me to be about 8, sometimes four, quite often 16.  nancymauerman.com

Almost All The Girls Are Taller Than Me All I Can See Are Breasts

Almost All The Girls Are Taller Than Me All I Can See Are Breasts

Outsider Art My Husband Died Two Days Ago- Thank Goodness For Dish Washing

Johnny, my husband, died two days ago. Twelve years ago he was diagnosed with lykemia. (I’m sorry I can’t figure out the spelling today. Ha, and you should see all the wrong keys I’m hitting too.) “I Look Great With Your Glasses Off,” I said to him awhile ago. We like to look at thoughts from the other side. We had fun with his disease too. And now I’m fighting off breast cancer. We’d laugh after my treatments when we both tripped through the house having been too sick to eat. Doing dished gives me a short break from the pain. Our Father in heaven gave John strength to get me to my two surgeries (they were minor) then I’d get an extra boost when he was especially bad.  And my goodness I wish you could all meet the good people at the VA hospital. Especially the African Americans. They tuned right in- and staff, patients, clergy, nurses and my favorite a custodian, all helped me, cried, and all the African American brothers and sisters prayed with me.  John was !00% German American, I’m Scotch- Irish American and both both of those cultures are restrained and overly quiet. Yea sometimes that’s good but I learn things I wouldn’t otherwise learn from my African and Liberian American friends. I love America. I love Americans!  nancymauerman.com


I Look Great With Your Glasses Off

I Look Great With Your Glasses Off

Gift To My Husband

One of my great pleasures in life is make my husband laugh. I said, “Generally when I look at myself I don’t like what I see. But for the last four days when I look in the mirror I looked good! Then I realized that for the last four days my glasses were dirty!”  nancymauerman.com

Faces - Portrait In Black And White

Faces – Portrait In Black And White

Monster John and Cotton Rounds

John’s the monster of cotton rounds. Weeks ago he bought fifteen packages of the flat cotton pads and put them away every place he looks when he can’t find them. They were put away scattered all over the house.

This week he couldn’t remember where those fifteen places were so he went to the store to buy more. He brought home sixteen packages and squirreled away the fifteen extra ones in places he’d just searched. But then he had a monstrous idea for next time. He went back to the store and brought home fifteen more. He put these in places he’d never think to look.

You would think he’d feel secure but no. He’s applied the fifteen plus fifteen brilliance to too many other things to be assured a cotton round when the currant package is empty.  nancymauerman.com


Monster 1

Monster 1

John’s Quick Shopping Technique

John found a very quick way to shop. He left with a long list segregated into four different stops.  He left at eleven and returned at eleven twenty!

“Are you done? How can you have finished so soon?”  I asked.

“Well my secret is this; as soon as all my groceries were in their bags I found out I’d left my wallet at home.”


Yellow And Black Abstract 2

Yellow And Black Abstract 2

Another Johnatude

We turned the television on to find the last half of a movie.  We were recording it and I asked, “Have you seen this before?”

“Nope, I don’t think so,” John said.  Then he tried to say he didn’t want to start the program in the middle.  We could see the movie revolved around a tight plot so John said, “I don’t want to see it before I see it, in case I haven’t seen it.” nancymauerman.com