Problem 103 was knocking on her front door.

The first page from my newly published book on Amazon is: “Grandma Neda’s house was full of plants but twice full of problems, one hundred and two to be exact, and number one hundred and three was knocking on her old red front door.”
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New Clothes

When I’m in front of a new clothes mirror I move and stand in a particular way and arrange myself to see if the garment falls well, to see if it and looks good on me. But it occurs to me that when I leave I never move and arrange myself those ways. So I never REALLY know if the clothes look good on me anyway.

John Gave Me Silverfish For My Birthday

Several years ago John gave me a beautiful shower curtain, clear between life-sized luminous gold fish that were evenly scattered top to bottom and side to side, as if they were swimming. The fist time he stepped into the shower he yelled at me, “I gave you silverfish for your birthday!”
“What?” I said coming into the bathroom and instead of answering in words he bent the edge of the curtain s0o i could see the other side. I saw the cause of the fishes’ luminescence… the other side of each fish was shiny silver.