The Story of Oscar in One Sentence

I found a beautiful spider the color of a bright apple turned pearly green, whom I named Oscar after a dog I know so I made him an indoor house containing a curly stick, two leaves, and a living plant, all in a Persian shaped jar rubber banded closed with a silk scarf that I lifted off every day, so as to drop in several kinds of juicy bugs, every one of which Oscar wrapped up and drank dry, and so as I opened the jar one day Oscar bit me; I let him go.

What a Dream Meal!

A few years ago I was a councilor in a Sunday School type children’s program, Primary. A class of about ten girls came to me planning a farewell party for their teacher who was leaving for a month or so to have a baby. I was so busy I told them if they planned it by themselves- fine.
I was invited and found nut cups full of small candies, pink punch, five plates full of cookies in the center of the table and large plates loaded with candies of various kinds, (carefully separated into mounds) and for desert…two cakes with matching ice creams and orange punch!
I imagine each mother helped thinking they were the only one providing nut cup fillers and desert.
Remembering this makes my teeth hurt and cheeks hurt from laughing. What a dream meal!

Closed Between Two Worlds

One night when my cat, Formica Dinette, sat in the double door way, with the heavy red one being wide open, and watched John outside through the glass door. It got dark and John came in the glass door but Formica didn’t follow him, she stayed in position.                The next day we began to panic when we couldn’t find our cat. Finally John thought maybe she’d stepped outside into the dark as he’d closed the doors the previous evening. He opened wood door and Formica leaped into the room. She’d stood up all night sandwiched snugly between the two doors! What a nightmare! She and we have made sure THAT never happened again.