Man Of Sorrow Acquainted With Grief

The look of this man reminds me of my brother Don, who died too young. I heard Billy G. say the other day, “Jesus Christ bought you.” C.S. Lewis said, “We’re in enemy territory.” Another of my favorite teachers, John, said, “I love God all day. Sometime this fulfills me but I always love Him.”

So the way I see it Jesus traveled into enemy territory and paid big money for a bunch of slaves. He turned to them and declared, “You’re bought and paid for, now you’re free.”        I, like the children of Israel, wander around in the desert, sometimes missing the slavery of my old Egypt but generally, bit by bit, I’m finding my way toward the Promised Land so I can live with Don and God again.

Man Of Sorrow Acquainted With Grief

Man Of Sorrow Acquainted With Grief

I Was Given A Castle

I have nightmares most every night. The few good dreams I have are events. Several years ago, and one night, I was given a house. It grew out of a clearing on a grassy hill, surrounded by heavy woods and had no doors, in fact many of the outside walls were not there. Instead the large open place were held up by groups of massive marble columns. I was inside Inside the giant library. Walls to other wonderous rooms were on one side and matching columns held up a deep porch on the other.

The enormous library was full of books, ground to floor; rolling ladders to reach all and much of the inner floor held twenty foot long tables. On the ground floor were three other rooms housed long tables, one for sewing and frame making, another for painting with supplies, close and numerous, up the walls. Yumm, I love to work.

The Castle - Framed

The Castle – Framed

John’s Dad Seeing Baby On A Ladder

John’s dad walked home late one night and saw a baby descending a ladder into the neighbor’s house. The next day he found those same neighbors had their baby born at home at that exact hour. We can see the reflection of the event in his eye glasses. I wasn’t at all surprised to hear this because other peoples regularly see their babies before they come to live in the family. I had a neighbor who did and it’s very common in Australia. This is the story behind the picture but the looks of it come from MY eye glasses; John’s dad didn’t wear spectacles, and the face looks more like Charles Krauthammer whom I was getting to know.

John's Dad Seeing Babies Born - Framed

John’s Dad Seeing Babies Born – Framed

Lost Hair, Hammers And Clouds

Ten years or so ago, both Helen, who’s about my Mom’s age, and John were diagnosed with cancers. I’d sit between them in church and they’d lean across me, planning strange and humorous funeral services, songs, and speeches. One Sunday Helen asked John, “Are you losing your hair?”

“No.” he said, “I keep it in a plastic bag under the sink.”

Hammers And Clouds - Framed

Hammers And Clouds – Framed

Moses And The Quail And Found Objects

Buddhism and the Bible both agree; everything comes with an opposite. The children of Israel wanted variety in their diet. So that night quail blew in on the wind and feel 2 cubits high over the camp and beyond it a day’s journey in all directions.

A cubit is somewhere between 17.5 and 21.5 inches high. I’d say at the time of the falling quail it was the former because the birds started falling at night and by day time the people had to stand up all that day through the night and all the next day. Some people are shorter than me and a some taller, if I’d been there the quail would have come up to my waist. I wondered did the quail collapse the tents? What happened to the kids?  When did all those dead birds begin to smell? I imagine as birdies turned to goo the children of Israel walked fast to get away and I Imagine during their standing time they must of held their children up and gotten tired arms. Petite women must have held their kids almost over their heads or did they sit the kids on top of the birds and let them run around at shoulder level around Moms?

Opposites are tied together as with kite string, which surround the frame below.

Moses And The Quail - Framed

Moses And The Quail – Framed

Found Objects And Bad Singing

Old found objects contrast with a new picture in the picture below. It’s painted on two doors that open a little off center and when they’re closed is called, Me and the Z Box. The colors are opposites; gold / silver and red / green. The red is in the form of a cool pink, the green, in two places, is also pastel: the beads on the frame plus the greenish glass eyes. Also opposite are the opac green beads / transparent green glass eyes. The round silver colored objects contrast with the clear ones on the frame.

For some reason this painting reminds me of a mother who told me her children came home from church and around the dinner table one said, “My teacher loves me, she sometimes brings cupcakes.” Another child said,”My teacher loves me because he brings cookies.” The third child said, “My teacher loves me. She sings to me.” I was surprised and pleased the little fellow accepted singing as a good gift. I don’t sing well so I didn’t want to to use it as part of my lesson but sometimes singing hymns and children’s songs were the best way to communicate.

Me And The Z Box – Doors Closed – Framed

High Art And Piles Of Dead Birds

High Art has color subtleties and contrasts, composition and grabs the inside of us in a new place and won’t let go. The painting below its called, Aliens Turned Nasty in 1961.  Many of my art teachers have said, “Every picture has already been painted. You’ll ONLY be repeating them with a slight variations.” but I haven’t seen the Aliens Turned Nasty before. It contains two overlapping compositions; one a dark /light diagonal. The other is a big C. The lowest row of clouds form the top of the C, the most translucent of the figures and the one at the very bottom complete it.

You can see what you want in the Alien picture but for me the three figures tell me they’re my progenitors watching over me. These ghostly guys aren’t the nasty ones referred to in the title because the “aliens” are we mortals taking our turn on earth today. C.S. Lewis says we used to live with Father but now are living in enemy territory.

For you who don’t believe in God let me say I understand. I was a confirmed atheist until my mid twenties. I couldn’t believe something so wonderful because I couldn’t see it but I ask myself today, “Where are piles and piles of dead birds?”  I have seem the equivalent of piles, piles and piles of live birds in my life time but only a double hand count of road kill and cat caught leavings. By logic alone most birds never die because I haven’t seen them. I hope you enjoy the picture. What does it tell you? I’d love to know, send me a message please.

Aliens Turned Nasty In 1961 – Framed