Priesthood Keys As Seen By An Latter- Day Saint Lady

Sometimes I hear ladies condemn a religion because females are not allowed to hold priesthood keys or work miracles. Priesthood keys are administration duties. Women have those too, equally and I’ve seen as many miracles worked through women as men. Plus I say men are not allowed to carry a baby to term, the process of bringing life, a miracle. My lady friends usually end their complaints, then after constructing “the perfect man” by describing many restraints, they saying, “I can’t find anyone good to marry.”

The painting below is framed by antique metal parts from a photo enlarger. I painted on top of round wooden disks. Through each disks’ center hole is a 8 inch brass stick holding fine brass wire and 3 to 5 inch brass and silver colored metal keys. There are two figures and a horse silhouetted by giant clouds.

Priesthood Keys - Framed

Priesthood Keys – Framed

Nude Wedding Dress AND Bride in Blood Shoes – Framed

An odd thing happened; I was gleefully rewriting a Leafman book when I had a panic attack. I stumbled up to bed, relaxed and was glad my heart was on my left side. From the inside out, I hurt on my right side so I knew it wasn’t a heart attack. As I lay trying to relax fast I thought I’d better check though, make sure my heart hadn’t migrated to the wrong side. (concentrating on relaxing; now there’s a good thought)

I rushed down stairs, “I’m DEAD,” I told John. “I felt for a heartbeat and there wasn’t one. Or maybe my breasts were in the way.”

The pictures below are drawn in crayola crayon. I scrubbed in the color so hard it stretched the paper into waves so I backed them with cardboard and pressed bunches of straight sewing pins through both surfaces. The heads of the pins are on the picture surface and glitter silver in Nude Wedding Dress, and are gold colored pins on Bride in Blood Shoes..I bent the sharp pointed  ends into the back side of the cardboard.

Nude Wedding Dress AND Bride in Blood Shoes - Framed

Nude Wedding Dress AND Bride in Blood Shoes – Framed

Mountain Trees

This painting, called Mountain Trees, shows tiny fine trees and high mountains. Waterfalls tumble straight down each mountain face and to the right, between three mountain tops, is a crystal lake. A small pond is nestled on a grassy wedge of earth at the bottom, dropping straight off the picture. Above a storm is moving in. I wish I could float through the air so I be in the spaces between the mountains and between the central one at its bottom where it creates a cave a few feet behind the waterfall.


Mountain Trees - Framed

Mountain Trees – Framed

You’re Standing In My Eye

This picture, You’re Standing In My eye, is about four feet tall has cloth chicken feet and a toy encrusted house shape surrounding a crayola crayon face. This portrait is a little different  as it shows the inside of a face. We are looking out though open eyes, mouth and nose holes. Sometimes we see little of the world if we’re stuck in our heads.

You're Standing In My Eye - Framed

You’re Standing In My Eye – Framed

Bird Shadows

A writer once told me, “Don’t tell me he was greedy, show me his actions and consequences of them. In this painting we see only two birds, inside the frame but five bird shadows. Also pink trees and their shadows make up the landscape. I’ve never cared for plastic birds as lawn decorations so I picked up a few to see if I could learn to like them. Did you ever notice when your friends and neighbors are especially negatively affected by something that particular thing is just what they need to deal with.

Bird Shadows - Framed

Bird Shadows – Framed

Set A Goal: Change Your World

The shapes of earth and sky, and root like forms of water are the themes for this painting so everything else is gone. I’ve spent much of my life looking at the ground for rocks but things changed when I decided to paint landscapes. This is a very strange cloud formations I’ve noticed since I’ve woken up to a bigger world.

Temple In The Hills - Framed

Temple In The Hills – Framed

Rocks And Mothers

Someone once said, “Educate a man and you’ve educated a generation; educate a woman and you’ve educated four generations.” Studies have been done to find the secret behind many of the worlds greatest and best people.  There was only one thing they had in common; these people spent a great deal of time with their mothers.

The mother below is stretching children’s imaginations by celebrating Rock Day. This is an illustration from my book Dragon’s Tale, and shows a family, plus the boy next door, eating rock butter and jelly sandwiches (chunky peanut butter) on slabs of flat rocks they use as plates. Perhaps the next year they’ll rock hound, visit a giant erratic rock, adopt a pet one, look at tiny ones in a microscope, buy one on a chain at a rock store, visit gems in a jewelry store or outer space stones in a museum.

Mothering comes in many forms: aunts, grandmas, godparents, teachers, scout leaders, neighbors and friends. Grab a kid and celebrate rocks.

From the children's book Dragon's Tale image dragon up a tree

From the children’s book Dragon’s Tale image dragon up a tree

World History And Mixing Bowls

People are great! I have an elderly friend who lives alone and whose mail carrier stops and chats a moment, even when there is no mail for my friend. When the mail carrier isn’t working the substitute also checks on her.

My Mom lived abroad for several years and kept in contact with the friends she made there. When the foreign government fell local people risked there lives to sneak Americans out of the country. World history will be modified one of these years; along side of political stories and wars tales related, will be the deeds of heroes who serve for the sake of goodness. One of my heroes is my daughter whose picture, as a child, is below drawn in crayola crayon. The light of goodness sparkles from within her inspite of being knocked around.

Anna And Mixing Bowls

Anna And Mixing Bowls

Happy Family Nights

Great parenting skills can be passed on. One I picked up is mentioned in my book Dragon’s Tale; Family Night. We each took turns planning; a song to sing, a short lesson to teach, a game to play, and a snack. The first time my six year old directed family night he became a man. The book tells the story, with his new found power he made reservations and took us all out to dinner… to ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’.

Planning taught organizational skills and benevolent power. Teaching helped us to realize and confirm which ideas are important to us; honesty, work, books, family, cats, pocket knives. Playing a game every week bound us together and gave us the opportunity to put ideas of honesty, good manners, etc into action. My favorite was singing, I don’t do it well so when my children heard me they knew it’s a gift and for eons people have known coral reading, chanting, or singing binds people together very strongly.

Taking turns teaching and listening, sing about it, act it out in a game, all in less than an hour, and top it off with ice cream. Your children will know they have a place in this big world and they are valued and they loved. It seems to me many people search desperately for just one of these three things their entire lives, you and yours can have them now and always.

From the children's book Dragon's Tale image Pink Blanket

From the children’s book Dragon’s Tale

Mom In Five Flavors – Framed

This is Mom, my Mom because I married John. On a hot day when John was young he, his older brother, Dad, and Mom when skinny dipping. John remembers she wore underthings in the water then took them off.

Into her late fifties she was still hanging from tree branches by her knees and cartwheeling. In my book Dragon’s Tale Anna talks about reaching a certain grown up age at which all people start growing down to kid sizes then up to grown up size again. As Mom got shorter and shorter she said, “My spirits getting too big for this body.”

Mom In Five Flavors - Framed

Mom In Five Flavors – Framed