Outsider Art You Should Have Seen Them Laugh

Art Brut, means raw art; another term used is Outsider Art. I thought I was the only one making strange pictures until a friend introduced me to the magazine Raw Art. In the art school I attended, everyone worked to represent objects as “realistically” as possible, including me to develop skills. But occasionally the best solution to the assignment was an Outsider Art picture, although I didn’t know at that time I wasn’t alone. You should have seen them laugh when I hug my Raw Art right smack dab in the middle of all their illustrations. In fact some people were angry.

For the last few years I’ve been interested in landscapes or cityscapes in this case, which shows apartments in winter and of course chickens and crows.  nancymauerman.com

Crows and Chickens - Framed

Crows and Chickens – Framed


The Shoe Isn’t Important The Run Is

Car parts surround this Outsider Art picture. They’re also hinted at at the bottom left of the painting itself, behind which a woman sits on her easy chair in a stripped room.  Behind her room is another stripped room containing a window where light, white as a sun, shines through.

The other day John’s mind was hopping from one deep thought to another when the phone rang. A friend of his from his time in Vietnam said, “How are you doing?” “O.K..” “What have you been doing?” “Nothing,” the caller trying to connect and John’s mind was saying,”What do you want? I’m busy here. I can’t change gears that fast.” This friend is a brother, a spirit brother you could say, to John so they settled in talking about the weather and stuff they put in their mouths, beer for them, it would have been chocolate for me. They could have be newborns, talking about their physical comfort and discussing pacifiers. We’re so much more than simply physical, as John reminded me a few days ago referring to C, S, Lewis. Lewis was asked if he believed that he had a soul. ” I don’t have a soul. I am a soul; I have a body. This is one of the ideas in this painting, where white is the sun and also the spirit, or soul, of the woman.

So I have a solution to the problem of not shifting gears fast enough when answering the phone: a list of lofty topics sitting beside it. For instance; the phone rings, “Hello?”  I say. “Hi, this is Cathy. How are you doing?” “Oh, wonderful, did you know that in the electromagnetic field, scientists are hopping that, the helix formed, polarized light will interact with other molecules with chirality? Chirality is my new word and idea, meaning right handedness and left handedness. Makes you wonder about all those molecules without chirality doesn’t it?” I always think of physics as being one of God’s languages, so off we go bonding on the phone at a social, mental and spiritual level.

So to wrap it up I’ve connected God to chirality in physics, to man, and to light illuminating man and the colors in the room, and to communicating in a more God- like way with a phone caller, but let me ask you this; Why do you suppose the woman is contemplating a cake necklace?  I haven’t figured that one out yet. Got any ideas? Please let me know.   nancymauerman.com

The Shoe Isn't Important The Run Is - Framed

The Shoe Isn’t Important The Run Is – Framed


I Wouldn’t Touch This Dress With a Ten Foot Pole – Framed

Amy’s cat stood in a box that was too small for him to sit down in. He desperately wanted to curl up in it so with all four of his feet crowed together and completely filling it, he splayed his front toes and  kneaded the floor of the box like he did as a kitten at his mommy’s side to magically get milk. He didn’t get milk or a bigger box but he did remind me of myself in a Goodwill changing room. I’ve been known to find a skirt or dress I’ve desperately wanted to get into. I insert all my feet and knead the floor hoping the skirt or dress will magically slip up over my hips.

The painting below is about the mildly odd clothes I wear and that my friends seem to enjoy….on me. I know if my strange things were the only clothes left in the city, and then my friends’ garments were attacked by a mob of moths and completely eaten my friends would probably wrap themselves in a bed sheet before they’d wear my clothes. They’d say, “I wouldn’t touch Nancy’s dress with a ten foot pole.”  nancymauerman.com

I Wouldn't Touch This Dress With a Ten Foot Pole - Framed

I Wouldn’t Touch This Dress With a Ten Foot Pole – Framed

Flashlights and Cancer

A little girl’s doll is made of a flashlight, in a book by Barbara Kingsolver. I’ve thought a lot about this because I live with a guy who has a great affection for flashlights, candles, oil lamps, light bulbs, and nightlights one of which he applies to most every outlet in our house. In his honor doll- lights surround the frame below. The girl in the picture has breast cancer. My guy also has cancer and said recently, “Gotta look on the bright side of that lemon.” As well as he searches for truth, which we’ve found is generally funny too.   nancymauerman.com

 I Consciously Detach Myself - Framed

I Consciously Detach Myself – Framed

Cats and NASA; Enough to Make Me Fall Down When I Walk

The title of the painting below, I’m Not a Therapist, So I Can Talk About What I Can Talk About, sounds like crazy talk. But I heard a man say that very thing. At one time I thought my cat was crazy; I’d gave him a wad of crumpled paper; he loved it, but as a result he also became suspicious  of the furniture, the pile of books and the empty Spider Man head- shaped bucket on the floor, all of which had been there for years. I thought, “His logic is off.  There’s no cause and affect to his thinking. Crazy cat thinking strikes again.” But upon refection I remember a great deal of my water bill  pays for promoting the tourist industry, and NASA now promotes friendship with other cultures! Maybe it’s me that’s crazy; this is enough to cause me to expect to fall down when I walk.   nancymauerman.com

 I'm Not A Therapist So I Can Talk About What I Can Talk About - Framed

I’m Not A Therapist So I Can Talk About What I Can Talk About – Framed

The Joys Of Leukemia?

John’s leukemia gives him many opportunities to do one thing over and over; visit the VA hospital for treatments and check- ups, so he looks  for new ways to “enjoy” that same old thing.

His “insights” lift the sag of depression from my shoulders, give me a lift.  John came home from an appointment last week saying, “The hospital says I’m getting shorter.  I don’t believe it. It still takes me the same amount of time to shower!”   nancymauerman.com

John's Help - Framed

John’s Help – Framed

The Power Of Music Orchard Of Frog Boxes

My friend ate music.  She needed it as she needed food. Most of us have found if we sing on a long car trip time flies by. When I have low energy, in content as well as volume, the right music provides that energy plus inspiration from someplace within I couldn’t otherwise access, as in the picture below, Orchard of Frog Boxes. The tallest of these boxes is four Nancy- lengths high. I’d love to step into the picture because Frog Boxes have very special qualities. No I can’t hire someone to build some and paint them to look similar. The fake ones would REPRESENT the ones below just as the giant Micky Mouse balloon in the Macy’s Day Parade represents the real Micky Mouse, but surely IS NOT the real thing.

Music is similarly powerful. Substitutes, sugar and other things ingested don’t seem to be as long lasting and have side affects, but MUSIC never rots my teeth or adds calories. nancymauerman.com

 Orchard Of Frog Boxes - Framed

Orchard Of Frog Boxes – Framed