Aren’t You Too Old? They Left Notes for Volume Twelve!

The interviewer heard they’d planned to write ten volumes and laughed at the two old people. He laughed at them, not with them, and looked at them like they were crazy, “How old are you anyway? Don’t you think your too old? Do you really think you can finish this project?”

Those weren’t his exact words but something like them. Both William and Ariel in their nineties looked at him like he was crazy.

There were the three of them. Two staring at one and it was the young interviewer who seemed to carry the weight of decrepitude.

The POINT was to write, to learn, to wake up with a purpose, not be interviewed at the end of a project. What a wonderful life. I saw Ariel and William Durant interviewed because they’d completed another book in their series, ‘Story of Civilization’. They changed me.

In middle school I angrily and resentfully applied myself to projects because they were assigned to me.  But I began to recognized the joy of hard work. I saw that my parents and the Durant’s loved the process and the discipline. I began to recognize the lazy me, the do whatever is easy me, wasn’t alive and was far from satisfied. I set my parents and the Durant’s as my pattern. Perhaps this is the best principle I learned in school and best reason to stay in school.




Afraid Of Making Mistakes?

I was terrified of making mistakes until I discovered a secret in art school.

Within two weeks the entire class would laugh as soon as I hung my picture, with theirs, on the wall. You see my teacher went from picture to picture pointing out strengths and weakness and EVERY TIME he got to mine he’d say, “This is exactly what I was going to tell everyone what not to do,” or, “This is a perfect example of bad taste.” The class squirmed with the giggles just waiting to see what flavor my critique would come in.

Every time I’d turn red, it was uncomfortable, but I loved it too because I was LEARNING so much. For years I’d drawn and painted and not liked the product but I never knew why. AND NOW I WAS FINALLY FINDING OUT THE WHYS.

The others were seeing an example of principles. But I was doing the learning!

I decided I’d turn in two pictures, not one, for each assignment given. Soon I turned in three, four, and up to seven. Each different in its own way so I could learn in as many directions as I could dream up.

You can’t do it wrong. You can do it twice.



Wonders At Walmart

Wonder # 1

Two Christmases ago I was in a long line at the fabric cutting counter.  A very long line. I was maybe sixteenth, behind two ladies and two separate big blobs of people. Within the twenty minute waited I discovered the two blobs were wedding parties. Each consisted of grooms, and best men, brides, bridesmaids, sisters of the brides and also the brides’ and grooms’ mothers.

I’m guessing both parties were out to save money or they would have shopped a hundred feet down the street at a fabric store with a bigger selection. It’s probably a good guess these marriages would NOT start out in debt. What a wonderful idea.

Each planned, and laughed, and made memories with their friends and FAMILY. Each group were sewing dresses etc.THEMSELVES and were LEARNING. Great things are happening in our nation.




Folk Singers and Solutions a Poem.

I agreed with all the badness in her song.  She sang as if the special quality of her voice would wring the dark ignorance from the world. She sang as if the sound of her voice, and her voice only, would change the chemistry in all other brains and the people connected to them.

She was asked if such and such would answer the problem. Her answer, “NO.” The folk singer was offered two more solutions.  She answered with distain each time.

“Well then, do you have an answer?” she was asked. “I’m not interested in fixing problems in this country. My only job is to tell you how bad yours are.”




Old McDonald Had A Haunted House

Wouldn’t it fun to have family night every week? Each person takes a turn planning it. Maybe there are only two in your family maybe ten.

My children started taking their turns at planning at age seven. I remember when Paul planned his first family night. He taught an idea that was important to him and planned a game and snack, which I helped with. Then he called the local doughnut shop and made RESERVATIONS for dinner.

Wouldn’t it be fun to sing Old McDonald Had A Haunted House as a family? This song/ eBook will be free for a several days starting on October 16, 2014. It will be available at Amazon.

Image is currently available on many different products at


Haunted House.  A B And W Sketch

Haunted House. A B And W Sketch


Formica Reborn

Formica Dinnette Patrice Foxford Mauerman is my cat. While Formica was sleeping I drew on this illustration for my upcoming book ‘Superman and the Bad Mermaid Queen. I sat it back on the floor about six inches from where I’d picked it up.

When Formica woke up she discovered the entire room had changed. She had to rediscover every part of it.  I wish I could see my life completely new and changed as often as my cat does.


Formica Bengal Cat


Don’t Step On My Dishes Marriage Rule #3

A man I knew gave me a secret. He was in his mid- twenties and supported his wife and three small children buy starting a business. When I found out his wife took night courses while he parented at home I was surprised. “How can you afford to stay home any evening when you could be promoting your business?” I asked.

My friend explained his main job was to support his wife and help her reach her full potential.

Don't Step On My Dishes

Don’t Step On My Dishes

Not The 3 Stooges But It Took 3 Of Us To Wash Dishes

My two children were small and we washed dished together. One washed, one would dry and last one of us would read a book to the others. The dish washer picked the book. It bound us together, it was fun, and now it’s a great memory.

Several years ago I painted a series of Madonnas, each depicting different facets of Mary. I picked the idea  the reading chair to show the joy between infants and Moms.

I’ve written several children’s books celebrating the value of a close family. I hope these books give adults excitement and examples of creative parenting, and grandparenting and of being a fun neighbor. I’d love to have you look at them and make comments even if you don’t have children in your homes. An eighty three year old told me she laughs out loud even as she rereads them. I’d be pleased if you’d look at my pictures at also.

Reading Chair

Reading Chair