Black Computer

Sometimes when I’m tense my home phone won’t work. The light switches won’t respond- won’t turn on. But you should see what my computer can do.

It gets sluggish of course, that seems normal.  It has been known to play three Pandora songs at the same time! I hear a Flamenco song, and Beethoven sonata and Jane Jensen AT THE SAME TIME -it’s almost glorious! Then while I’m typing away several of my bookmarked items overlap my screen for no reason.

I might be tense but I say my computer has epilepsy.


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Gift To My Husband

One of my great pleasures in life is make my husband laugh. I said, “Generally when I look at myself I don’t like what I see. But for the last four days when I look in the mirror I looked good! Then I realized that for the last four days my glasses were dirty!”

Faces - Portrait In Black And White

Faces – Portrait In Black And White


A study compared children educated in private schools to those educated in public schools. The level of education was equal between those in private school and public educated children who are read to at home.

Some community leaders and government officials were distressed at the inequality of public educated children, because some parents don’t read to their kids- not equal! The proposal was the discourage reading at home and maybe even legislate against it.


Pensive - A Portrait Of A Boy

Pensive – A Portrait Of A Boy

Superman and the Bad Mermaid Queen

I need treasure, something like my sister has, something spectacular. I’m old but my sister Anna’s just a little kid with a big head like a Q tip. She FINDS things because she’s so small and her eyes are much closer to the ground than mine. That’s why, and the only reason why, she found the key down in the dirt before I did. My sister has a dragon called Iva Lou who is on our journey with us too.

This page and the picture below are from my book ‘Superman and Bad Mermaid Queen’ that I hope to have published in a few months. Why waste time writing and illustrating kid’s books? BECAUSE CHILDREN NEED GREAT LITERATURE! You may not think much about my books but all children should own great  stories. Shakespeare, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Bible, stories about the Hobbits, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids by David  Kirk should be at home in children’s hands.

Years ago when I realized Shakespeare was a stranger to me, and that I couldn’t focus unless I read his works out loud, I read to my five and seven year old children. AND THEY UNDER STOOD the plot and character development.

As I read my Science Magazine I see more leading scientists are from countries other than mine. They’re befitting from our great colleges and from private business money as they follow and develop their ideas. Wouldn’t be great if our country could supply more people of greatness. I propose brilliance starts with being raised and surrounded by greatness rather than mediocrity.



Anna from ‘Superman And The Bad Mermaid Queen’

Queen Bee Syndrome?

Sharon Timkee was the queen in first grade. I was not in the smaller group that surrounded her at close range. We all ran in desperate circles toward the boys and back again into Sharon’s presence. With INFORMATION. Are those bad boys planning evil? Do they want to KISS Sharon? For awhile I was confused until I decided she liked the idea of kissing, plus the boys weren’t particularly focused or even interested in it. Is there a Queen Bee Syndrome people are asking? I don’t know if Sharon noticed it, but I

Carmel - Portrait Of A Woman In A Blue Dress

Carmel – Portrait Of A Woman In A Blue Dress

Outsider Art Squirts and Nancy Mauerman

The picture below was commissioned by Brother Stanley in honer of this Grandson Talon. The lumpy shapes of the clouds are repeated in the brown mountains and trimmed trees, and the shape of the eagle is repeated by his shadow on the ground. The lumpy clouds, mountains and trees are all living in lines. The bushes are strongly lit on one side but the shadow of the second tree is eliminated so as to not clutter the ground and detract from the eagle’s shadow.

As a young artist I desperately wanted the marks I put on paper to perfectly REPRESENT objects. My goal was to impress others. Now I have other ideas. I’ve been wondering if there’s a difference between something real and a representation of that same thing?

Would children grow differently if every single day a bowl of plastic fruit decorated their dinning table rather than always changing bowls of real fruit? Real fruit moves so much faster. Yes I know plastic atoms move but not as exotically as those of real apples. Real fruit can be eaten, ripen, squirts out various smells, changes shape and color and hosts fuzzy mold.

Not only do real things move faster but they confront us with our mortality. We know we need to pause and enjoy them because they won’t be here long.

Picasso said African masks were magic. Their job wasn’t  to look like a person or animal but their job was to be magical items with power. Picasso said his pictures never represented objects but were real things, magical things. We quit looking at representations on a wall and plastic fruit,  but year by year as we change we see new facets in a real picture. Real pictures squirt too.



Brother Stanley's Eagles

Brother Stanley’s Eagles

Brother Stanley’s Eagles