Teacher Hands Out Magic

My teacher handed out magic too- the desire to read. Now I can time- travel backwards into history or enter new worlds whenever I want. As a child I was a slow reader. The effort was so great and the plots of the beginning readers didn’t interest me. So when my children were small I wrote ‘The Magic Suit’ about a child who saves his mother’s life!

In this beginning reader Mrs Beemer hands out magic suits! Wearing his, Paul lifts off the ground and plays in the clouds then as a near tragic adventure. Find ‘The Magic Suit’ at Amazon as a paper back or down load it onto your computer, kindle, tablet, or phone. (The Magic Suit’ will be free for a few days as an ebooks, starting tomorrow.)  nancymauerman.com

‘The Magic Suit’ on Amazon


A drawing in crayon of a teacher passing out what looks like coats but is actually magic suits, in different colors.

Magic suits being passed to kids in class.

High Drama – Small Kids

‘High drama- action- near tragedy; describe the book,’The Magic Suit’ although the words are few. In fact there are only one hundred and two words in the entire book. How can this be? Find this colorful book as a paper back or down load ‘The Magic Suits’ on your kindle, computer, tablet, or phone. You’ll find this beginning reader at Amazon, and by the way ‘TheMagic Suits’ in ebook form is free for a few days starting this Thursday. nancymauerman.com

‘The Magic Suit’ on Amazon

A boy putting on a red magic suit on his feet.

A Boy Putting On The Red Suit On His Feet From ‘The Magic Suit’

Fly Out The Door

Have you ever dreamed you were flying? Paul goes to first grade and receives a red suit with yellow buttons on the left sleeve which gives him the power to fly out the school room door. I wrote this beginning reader, ‘The Magic Suit’, for my son years ago. Now it’s available for everyone at Amazon as a soft bond book or an ebook to be read on your kindle, computer, tablet, or phone. But wait! On Thursday October 1, 2015 you can down load ‘The Magic Suit’ for free for a couple of days.   nancymauerman.com

‘The Magic Suit’ on Amazon

A boy in a red suit flying out a door.

I Fly Out The Door From ‘The Magic Suit’

I Looked 50 Years Younger!

If my husband liked a shirt he bought seven of them! He repeated this pattern with all other clothing items and he always wore his clothing to tatters. I also refuse to retire a piece of clothing until its threads can no longer hold the patches together, but today an old pair of skinny jeans let me down.

People often walk to lose weight, but today when I walked I lost years! By the time I got home I looked to any passer-by to be years and years younger! A few blocks into my walk the elastic at my waist suddenly decided it was too fatigued to hold up my pants! I clutched my waistband and to anyone driving by on my busy street I appeared to be twenty years younger to make my living in a hip hop band.

Below Is an illustration from ‘The Magic Suit.’ Paul dresses himself in a new suit and can now fly, shoot out rockets, and even save his mother’s life! This is book for boys and fun loving girls; a beginning reader.

‘The Magic Suit’ on Amazon

A boy putting on a red magic suit.

‘The Magic Suit’

Found A Person Changing A Tire In A Dress

I guarantee half of an LDS congregation will start laughing if you say, “I prayed I could be of service to the Lord!” John and I did this periodically and every time it wore us out with goodness. We had to grow into it. The first time seven opportunities presented themselves in two hour’s time!

I can recall a few. At the library while I shopped for good books John waited, and I wasn’t long, but by the time I was done he was gone! I found him in the parking lot with an middle aged woman because in spite of pattering his couture after the homeless the woman had approached him saying,’Would you break into my car?” She’d locked her keys in her car.  “Just by chance” John found we had an old wire coat hanger behind our car seat. We’d been in similar situations several times and even with a coat hanger it took a loong time to break in. But John caught hold of the inside lock mechanism, pulling it up in just a FEW moments.

We shook our heads laughing at the answer to our prayer and drove three blocks to Wall- Mart where we found a woman changing her tire in a dress! The woman was wearing the dress- not the tire, (although that might have been a bigger miracle.) So John asked to take over.

Half our congregation laughs because so many of them have also asked the Lord if they could be of help and found themselves worn out with goodness. nancymauerman.com


Scriptures - A lady reading the scriptures and her cat


Disappearance of the Woman- Outsider Art

I never have to explain what ‘disappearing women’ means to other women. The full title of this outsider art piece is “Disappearance of the Women and Her own Two Stone Children With Clouds on Wheels.” Many of us who have chosen the career of child raising feel we have become functions- cleaning functions and babysitting functions.

I caught that in myself but then remembered my Mom who was constantly learning, taking classes, and reading books.  After a few years she added teacher to the list. After school every day my brother Don and I opened the front door to be met with, “I’m reading this book on (the Plains Indians, American history, parenting, geology, art, and more) and this is what I learned….”

So I held my babies in one arm and painted with the other and read Shakespeare and other great books to my children as they ate and at bed time. We had a hand-made time line on the wall in the living room and added inventions, authors, pieces of history, art, composers and information we hadn’t know before, to it. We loved learning together although at the end of summer when I dreaded them going back to school they said THEY looked forward to it. They, “needed a break.”

Clouds on wheels, stone children, and ladders dripping from the sky are also symbols in this picture. These give me ideas but I find other people have strong and very different ideas. Let me know what YOU think. You can also find this picture framed on Fine Art America. nancymauerman.com

Disappearance of the Woman and Her Own Two Stone Children With Clouds On Wheels

Disappearance of the Woman and Her Own Two Stone Children With Clouds On Wheels

Salamander Hair Outsider Art

I’m 65- I’ve come to terms with my hair- it’s okay. But, if salamanders grew from my head I could feed bugs to my hair every other day! It would be glorious when they all spotted a butterfly on a flower. They’d scramble, stretch- reach and pile on top of each other.  My head would tilting with their weight! Then of course at church I’d have to occasionally spray them with water, being an aqua- animal, and try not to mist the guy next to me.  nancymauerman.com

Salamander Hair

Salamander Hair

Outsider Art and Mountain Trees

Some ask, “Why don’t you paint realistically?” If I painted a mountain with her hills, waterfalls and trees realistically most everyone would say, “Wow look at the artist’s skill.”

The picture below drew on fifty seven years of training but doesn’t show it off. In stead we concentrate on the patterns in nature. We see the bigness of the mountains hugged by clouds, four birds, and one bird shadow. Do you ever notice the fleeting flight of airplane and bird shadows? Water is practically singing as it falls, puddles in a pond, and splashes on low down rocks on the left of the picture.   nancymauerman.com

Mountain Trees

Mountain Trees