Because Egrets Don’t Eat Cows

I used the memory of my brother, Don, as a model for this painting called, A Man Of Sorrows And Acquainted With Grief.

I was thinking of Don today, remembering a time when he had four small children and worked in the desert raising fish with a gun. Part of his job was to shoot egrets and his boss got after him repeatedly for not killing the birds who loved fish and ate his profits.

Then he got a job in a dairy and pleased his boss there, because egrets don’t eat

Jesus Praying - A prifile image of Jesus Christ

A Man Of Sorrows And Acquainted With Grief – Jesus Praying

Chocolate Cake, Band-Aids, and Gun

Portraits can be more than the recognizable appearance of an outside person.   Many women recognize the dichotomy between band- aids and cake in this picture.  Intense pleasure gives the illusion of taping the self together.  But, cake is insufficient tape plus one piece of cake often leads to another causing fat-guilt.

Some notice the gun but see themselves as in not THAT much pain. Other people understand the cake band-aid connection but can’t see the gun. When these people are told about the gun they insist it doesn’t exist until a someone else puts their finger physically on the lower picture.

Chocolate Cake, Band-Aids, and Gun, always becomes less a picture of me,  and more a mirror of women viewers themselves.


Chocolate, Band-Aids, and Gun

Chocolate, Band-Aids, and Gun

Spit In His Eye In A foreign Language

I found John’s old googles and I thought they’d look good with a pink plastic crown. John’s gone but I imagine he’s rolling his eyes.

A friend gave me a crystal vase as a wedding gift and John couldn’t have been more shocked had we’d been given a box of dirt! He was so much a provider and protector and not at all interested in decor- such a guy. Girly stuff was foreign almost offensive, useless. Something like grenades would have been a better gift- at least fire crackers or a flashlight.

Some time ago a dear friend and her daughter gave him a wrapped up gift on Veteran’s Day. John ripped it open and I could tell he was dreaming weapon, expandable shovel, wire cutters, something that could be exploded, something manly. Instead, inside the papers he found a teddy bear all dressed in camo. He was shocked, not able to transfer from his guy brain to stuffed bears. He looked as if someone had spit upon him in a foreign language!

John's goggles put to new use

John’s goggles put to new use

Eye Crust

I wake crusted in dry tears,

not fully shed but there all the same,

from a night’s sleep without John.

He’s gone to a glorious place,

leaving me less than half the person I’d been-

left me in a house beautifully prepared with,

friend’s he’d loved to ease my punctured soul.

Leaning Self Portrait In Pencil

Leaning Self Portrait In Pencil

Outsider Art Has No Decor

The strikingly beautiful, tall, gorgeous blond woman in a formal little black dress, four inch high heels (and they sporting black bows which matched the large black bow on the back of the ladies dress and a smaller shiny black bow on her purse),said IT in a loud, controlled tragic tone. A hand full of onlookers latter insistently described her short speech as being delivered in a ‘terrible, tragic, hiss of a whisper),  The glamorous woman recalled, “Something happened to me many many long, event filled, years ago and it affects me still. A car hit my puppy! I miss him.”

Strip away the decorations and we get, “I own a dead puppy!” or the picture below.

Which  grabs you and makes you feel something inside or can call up memories of some kind?

Troy - Graphic Yellow Face With Blue Background

Troy – Graphic Yellow Face With Blue Background

Someone Should Have Told Him What The Buttons Do

First grader Paul is given a magic suit at school. Immediately he walks on walls then flies out the door. As Paul flies over his house where he sees his mom hanging clothes in the backyard. Paul pushes one of the yellow buttons on his left sleeve and he’s shocked to find out what the button does.

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A boy in the clouds putting his hands on his helmet and saying "Oh, No!"

‘The Magic Suit’ – Oh No!



Caution- Caution- Get Your Magic Red Suit While You Still Can!

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A boy in the clouds emerging triumphantly from the clouds with the words THE END overhead.

‘The Magic Suit’ – THE END

Climb The Walls With Paul

Paul’s first grade teacher gave everyone magic suits! Immediately Paul slips his on and walks up walls. ‘The Magic Suit’ is a beginning reader written so very young listeners and readers can enter a world of adventure and even gentle danger. ‘The Magic Suit’ is still free as an ebook from Amazon but this is the last free day so down load ‘The Magic Suit’ on your computer, tablet, kindle, or phone or buy it as a paper back for young hands to hold and enjoy.

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A boy walking on the wall in his magic suit.

Walking On The Wall From ‘The Magic Suit’