Cell Phones Blind You

I noticed when wonderful music enters my ears I can’t walk or talk.

I love four or five melodies interweaving, then modifying, changing key, returning to the original theme.  It takes all my focus to hear the  sounds of individual instruments harmonizing or clashing depending on if the music is asking a question or answering.

I love the use of tempo and sometimes sound expresses quiet more than silence.  The tremendous kettle drums of Verdi’s Requiem make the sound I’m sure was present at the creation of the universe!

But, as soon as I turned to Amazon and ordered Verdi’s Requiem I begin to listen lazy! I suddenly “owned” it!

I was no longer awake to it’s beauty.

Before, I listened with intense hunger in case I NEVER HEARD THOSE SOUNDS AGAIN! I had to soak the sounds into every pore, just in case! And even if I was sure I’d live forever and would catch it on the radio again I was NOT in control.

Some people using cell phones to take pictures have also noticed they cease to see. they no longer experience what they have just photographed.

My daughter below is completely tangled in the grape vines.  Would it be frightening to drop control and sometimes leave our photo equipment at home? nancymauerman.com

Portrait of a girls face behind grape leaves

Anna In Grapes

Outsider Art Quilt – And Leading From Behind

Who would hire a professional football coach if his policy was to lead from behind?

Before Obama’s election I was thrilled with all he said as he reminded us what a great country we were part of, that men of all races could now aspire and achieve anything and soar, many more lofty thoughts. I’m guessing “they’d run a poll to discover how various Americans felt and came up with his list.

Who would hire a football coach if his policy was to lead from behind. Leading from behind is called loosing. And football is just a game.  nancymauerman.com

Three Flying Chairs

Three Flying Chairs

Jokes From Cancer Radiation Treatment

My first radiation appointment took several hours. I received small tattoo dots as a way to line me up consistently day after day under the machine. The doctor and technician took about eight or nine “photos” to verify my placement. I told them, “Too bad my husband died. He would have loved to see those photos.”

Another day I told two technicians, “You’re so lucky. You get to work with ladies who lay on their backs with their arms spralled above their heads and who don’t wear deodorant!”  nancymauerman.com

Yellow And Black Abstract 2 Available on Red Bubble

Yellow And Black Abstract 2

A Law Irrevocably Decreed – Outsider Art – Rosewoman

“There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundation of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated.” and, “there is  opposition in all things,” and, “the absence of opposition would destroy justice.”

Good art uses the law of opposition- dark/ light, quiet/ busy, empty space/ image, warm color/ cool, bright/ dull hues, straight and stiff/ curves, calm/ anguish, and more.

Rosewoman, below, still carries her eight year old self within her. Many of her old selves were damaged severely. Rosewoman uses this power and energy to create beauty. nancymauerman.com

Portrait of a woman with petals for hair and thorns for teeth


Outsider art- Moses And The Quail

This is a small cropped version of hungry people in the desert. When they complained the Lord blew quail in on an ocean wind. Lots quail. Quail stacked up in a giant heaps, 2 cubits high, over the entire camp plus a day’s journey all around it.

A cubit is somewhere between 18 and 21 inches high or 44 to 52 cm about, about waist high.The people stood up all day, all night and all the next day in the quail. I speculate the people held their small children over their heads and on their shoulders all that time.  Please click on the picture below to see it in its fullness and to see children being held high.   nancymauerman.com

Moses And The Quail - Abstract

Moses And The Quail – Abstract