Formica, My Cat, And Greenies

I feel a tap, tap. I look down to see Formica Dinnette Patrice Foxford Mauerman, my cat, tapping my leg. I obediently follow her into the kitchen and repeat variations of; “What a good Kitty!”, “Good crunching!”, “Nicely done!” Good job!”
She likes to be watched while she eats. But, even more, she adores her Greenies.

This product gave my daughter’s cat a new life when he had leukemia. The disease wasn’t cured but he could run around again, be interested in the outside and play.

Formica was over weight and changing cat food didn’t help but six Greenie, three times a day, is causing her to slowly lose pounds.

Now, all I have to do is teach Formica to watch ME eat and say, “Nice crunching!”, Good chewing!”, “Good, not eating that third candy bar”, “Nice work!”, “Good girl, have a Greenie!”

A tabby house cat

Formica My bengal cat

My Friends At Prayer

I do believe I am a daughter of God.

Having been an atheist for the first twenty years of my life, I’m still amazed at the bigness of this statement.

The Bible says all things were created before this world was. This must include us, so we may be very old before we’re born into earthly form. Some of my friends see and can sense strongly that their child is quite a bit OLDER than they are as the mom.  What a yummy thought!

So, it isn’t a surprise at all, that among my closest friends, those I consider my CONTEMPORARIES, are two women in their late eighties, a twelve year old boy, his slightly older sister, and a couple of kids, ages seven and eight. Perhaps THEY are condescending to as they accept me as an equal.

A mother and child praying

My Friends At Prayer.

Outsider Art Don’t Lie Down, Lie UP

I’ll be sixty-six in little over a week and I’ve decided if a woman’s about to lie about her age she should lie up not down! What if I were to announce to the world, “I’m twenty-three!”

Unless the hearer is blind they’ll see a “twenty-three year old,” with wrinkles, greying hair, bad back, bum leg and spotted hands. (Of course this is a slight exaggeration. I don’t have a bum leg.)

My suggestion is to tell others, “Hello, I’m seventy-four!” I get all twinkly inside and non-blind people think, “My,oh my! Doesn’t she LOOK GOOD!”

The picture below is a picture of me all taped together before my enlightenment, before my new way at looking at age.

Portrait of a woman - abstract

Band Aids

Outsider Art And The Eternal Law Of Grass

The picture below, ‘Crumble,’ is how I feel about lawn grass.

There seems to be a law which causes any grass pulled up by the roots, and left on top of the ground in a flower bed, to GROW there. It’s gloriously happy and will send out seeds almost immediately!

But just pull up grass and take it to an empty spot in my lawn, loving scrape the ground, lay the grass down, cover the roots a little with soil, or not (I’ve tried it both ways), and the result is: DEAD GRASS.

Once, believing in fate, my life rolled this way and that for seemingly no reason.  But now, as scriptures as an explanation and guide to the human condition I no longer crumble.

Portrait - outsider art - ribs and bones


Learning Exaltation From A Kitten

My kind friend Tamera, in the sketch below, is working out her salvation and reminds me of my first kitten, Formica Dinnette Patrice Foxford Mauerman.

My belief is that we are born here on earth in order to learn. We increase our joy in life if we learn to peal off our nature survival tendencies (only caring for ourselves) and replace them with caring for others.

One of Formica’s great joys in life was to ask to be petted then as soon as she was touched she flipped on her back and hugged my hand against her belly with her arms, and legs,CLAWS, and TEETH! My hand became paralyzed stiff, not moving and in pain. So Formica kicked it with her hind feet to give it some movement and something to fight with. Obviously this a cat practicing a survival skill but on my part it was pain.

Soon Formica  learned the words “GENTLE, Formica be gentle.” I could see her brain working and saying, “No no no. I want to play hard.” But her heart would give me gift. Suddenly with great restraint she’d wrestle my hand with claws pulled in.

I hold her up as an example as I try to pull in my claws.

Portrait of a woman in pencil

Tamera A