I’m As Big As A Leaf

When I was three I didn’t yet know about electrons. Now I know a leaf is big because it’s made up of so many of those little fellows.

When I was five I thought the solar system ended at Pluto but I didn’t believe my teachers when they told me there was only one universe. They said the FACTS proved it. Now many people realize how much bigger reality is. You may think I’d feel smaller as satellites explore an ever expanding multi-universal space

The indegenious men of Australia see their children before they are born.  The H’mong people see and hear their dead family members as their dead extended family sits near home in  tree limbs. In these ways my world is still small.

I used not to believe God. He was there all along but I didn’t know it. Now my reality is so much bigger. I’m no longer blind to facts. My reality enlarges not only around facts but experiences, around large and small miracles in my life daily.

I’m bigger than I used to be. Bigger too because I know I influence Pluto just as electrons influence a leaf..

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Mandala 9 - Leaves In Yellow And Orange

Mandala 9 – Leaves In Yellow And Orange