Outsider Art- Understanding Plastic Vanities

This is a picture of me looking out my open mouth and nose holes.  Outside I see windows. It’s intriguing to stand beside someone and the two of you see a thing before you, but differently..  By the time my children could notice having memories, I’d hear,”Mom do you remember the time we…” Often I didn’t.

My husband and I would often sit with friends and I’d remember a very dear memory. A special and romantic, but extremely creative, thing he had done for me. Then he’s say,”I didn’t do that.” We’d laugh at the oddity if it.

Understanding Plastic Vanities

Understanding Plastic Vanities

Nancy Mauerman

Fortunate To Be Depressed

I’m fortunate to be greatly depressed

Just to get by

it’s essential

to discover

a myriad if small beauties and joys every hour.


Being typically lazy

I would have missed

sharing a tiny green hopper

with the maillady

and the springy caress

of a web across my face.

Abstract - Outsider Art



Can you remember being very young, opening a book, seeing a bunch of black scratches on a page and thinking, “Who wants to look at this! I’d rather see a page full of pictures.

In the book,’Bearos’ a girl invents an invisible friend who she hopes will get blamed for her misadventures so she won’t be sitting in “her” corner quite as often..

The pages below from ‘Bearos’ show an illustration with a piece of Outsider Art in the background with this text: Then Mom gets mad because newspaper pictures get glued to the inside of my favorite book.  “I agree with the bearo.” I tell her.  “Pictures look better than words.”

The Outsider Art picture itself is shown across the page with this text:”Didn’t she see the birds?  They  told me they wanted to be in my favorite book too,” I said very quietly from my corner.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle – ‘Bearos

Bearos - A Children's Book

Bearos – A Children’s Book