I Lost 50 Years In Appearance!

If my husband found a shirt he liked; he’d buy 12 exactly the same, and he used this same idea for the rest his wardrobe. I buy only one and if I like that piece of  clothing I patch hole after hole, and wear the patched piece of clothing until threads can no longer hold the patches together.

People often walk to lose weight, but today by the end of my walk I had lost YEARS off my life instead of pounds! A several blocks from home the ancient elastic in my waist band decided it could no longer hold up my skinny pants. I grabbed my waist band, but already the potion of my pants, where the legs came together, was hovering just above my knees! I must have appeared to anyone driving by on my busy street to have been 50 years younger than I really was and made my living as part of a hip hop band!

The picture below is from, ‘Magic Suit’. It’s an adventure book for boys and action seeking girls; a beginning reader. When Paul puts on his suit he flies, shoots out rockets, and even saves his mother’s life.


Running Through Clouds.