The Phisics of Failure- Learn From Both Sides of Life

Someone told me, “I learn less from my successes; more when I fail.” Failures are an opportunity to stand back, evaluate, and LEARN.
Another friend habitually asked me, “What went well today? What would you improve?”
Now: rather than blow on my fingernails, polish them on my shoulder, and declare, “I’m wonderful”, or throw both hands up, plop down, and pout and say “I failed”, I can learn from both sides of life. There is opposition in all things.

Am I Crazy Or Is This A Quilt?

My neighbor doesn’t get it! “Why do you cut up fabric in little pieces just so you have to sew them together again? Why don’t you just go buy a blanket?”

I answer, “It’s a quilt. My grandma made them too.”

“But why didn’t you both just go buy blankets?”

“I answer but don’t explain very well, “It’s a quilt! It took me almost a year to create the design, cut out all the pieces, and hand- sew them together, then I put a layer of fluff filling behind it, then I add a back piece of fabric, then finally I sew the three layers together. It’s a piece of art! It’s a quilt!!!

I look at her like she’s crazy. She looks at me like I’m crazy, shakes her head, and she walks away muttering, “Why didn’t she just go buy a blanket?” Faun was born in another country and her grandmother didn’t make quilts. When I see me from Faun’s eyes I look UNHINGED!   I laugh because I love to see life from different sides.