Punishment: Learning Or Anger?

A small child was quietly told again the answers to the whys and the why nots by Mom, and this time she added, “Don’t do that again; if you do it again I’ll punish you.”
The child came to Mom a half an hour later saying, “Mom you need to punish me because I did it again. I can’t seem to turn around without help.”
Structure and punishment need not be an angry reaction. They can lead to learning and advancement.

Seen A Woman Wearing A Hat Shaped Into Two Big Horns Or Shaped Into One Big Point?

Why did women wear horn headdresses throughout history in Europe and in the Slavic countries? Why were women here to wear hats and veils to certain places until the 1960s?
I searched for years and finally found a small mention of this in a very old piece of writing from Russia. A man said only women could bring LIFE. It is so powerful that people felt they needed to, ‘put a lid on it!’
I belong to the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, and I’ve seen men hesitate to enter our women’s meetings many times. When someone finally asked we were given the answer, “You are so powerful- important. I hate I to interrupt! You’re probably creating worlds or something!”
Giving life- I hadn’t thought of it as so BIG probably because in this world anything immense will be used by a few in an immensely bad way, and that’s about all we see in media today.