The Dragon, Superman, And The Mad Mermaid Queen: 1: The Gold Key (Volume 1)

This is my guess: my sister is not happy at all about getting a dress. When Mom asks if she likes her gift Anna answers, “I’m naming myself The Mad Mermaid Queen because I don’t really like dresses, but at least this one’s not pink which I would not like at all, but I was hoping for a basketball.” To make my cape fly behind me, I twirl, “Well, I wouldn’t be happy either if I got a dress on Treasure Day even if I was a girl. When I grow up I’m invent a flying car for my kids to be shrunk down and hung on a string so it’s easier to carry around, and that way it can always be found. I love my family more than I’m disappointed, plus no one else I know has a mom who invents holidays like Treasure Day, so, I’m lucky.” I say. “But, moms can’t hang from strings and definitely clothes can never ever be real treasure.

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The Dragon, Superman, And The Mad Mermaid Queen: 1: The Gold Key (Volume 1)

Forgiveness Can Be Fun

“Let’s go to Goodwill!” John announced. I scrambled into my clothes and gleefully linked my arm in his and danced out to the car- but no car! It was stolen.
I turned around and drooped my way back to our front door to call the police (people didn’t have cell phones yet.)
John didn’t move but laughed and called out, “April Fool! I got up in the middle of the night and moved the car around the corner!”
I was a fool and glared at him but saw his intent was not to make a fool of me but to have fun. I forgave him, dropped my anger, and saw the humor.
The next year and the next and the next I fell for the same joke and each year felt progressively more stupid, but each time I forgave him and it became progressively laughable. John waited three years, and he did it again!

Almost All The Girls Are Taller Than Me All I Can See Are Breasts