Lizard Christmas Tree

This is the outside of a Christmas card I made. The inside says, “Do you know what I want? A warm room and 100 lizards living in a Christmas tree!”
Friends would ask, “Do you have a living tree this year?”
I’d say, “Oh, YEA!”

Christmas card ornament lizzard

lizzard decorations for Christmas.

BRAIN PAIN- Your Ideas Sting As They Surprise Me Sideways Inside My Mind

Paul tells his sister, “I don’t mean to be unkind, but your ideas sometimes sting as they surprise me sideways inside my mind.”This is from book 2 of: The Dragon, Superman And The Mad Mermaid Queen.
My mind is speeding along and suddenly someone else’s thought slams it shut, rips me open, and shoves me in another direction. It’s painful when my mind is caught with one foot up in the air ready to take the next step, but instead my mind teeters without balance and falls over- plunk to the floor.
This most often happens at home in my family. I’m in shock, but I can choose to deal with the resulting BRAIN PAIN with either anger or humor.

Dance of Pained Glass

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