Religion And Tradition Are Different

Did the God of this world come only to save people who lived in a time, place, and culture where they sat in rows on chairs and put their palms together to pray?
Europeans built stone buildings pointing up to remind us of our destiny; a great symbol, but The Savior didn’t need one.
Other traditions bind families and cultures together, for instance, the Hobby Horse throughout Europe is a strong and celebrated seasonal tradition uniting communities and different ages together, but no one can remember what the silly thing originally represented and what its uses were. Traditions are important but they aren’t relgion.
When my children were small we sang along to Handel’s Messiah and talked about The Savior’s last earthly week; the events of each of those days before Easter. We also celebrated traditions with eggs, and most anything with an eggy theme so I wish we’d had the book, ‘Chickens in Birthday Suits’ at the time.
We also baked our own birthday cake, and ate it, for Jesus, remembering He was born in the spring. Traditions are good and our hearts were in the right place but I can’t help but wonder if our Heavenly Father didn’t shake his head at the noise two little kids and an off key mother made in His son’s honor.

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