Viva La Difference

I’ve spent a great deal of my life doing something I know isn’t of great importance; finding and making odd things to wear. So when I first knew John the first thing I said to him was, “Do you wear the same shirt every day?”
He wasn’t offended, I could see an inner giggle and he said soberly, “No. I have seven of these; all the same.”
“All right,” I thought “I don’t get the punch line.”
Much later when I opened his closet for the first time and he had about four kinds of shirts and he did have seven of each, and all exactly the same color too. There were also seven of each style of cargo pants.
“Whoo!” I thought “This kid must save a lot of time when it comes to outfitting himself. I could learn priorities from this man.” I was wrong. It took him about as much time to find the right shirt as it did for me to find something odd to wear, with an added problem. When he finally found the perfect grey green striped shirt there weren’t seven of them left . He have to start over.
This didn’t put me off; wearing him on my arm was about the strangest thing I’ve ever worn, and I often remember what my Momma taught me,” Viva la difference!

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