The Joy Of Light Sticks

You could argue the difference between ‘happy’ and ‘joy’ is semantical but I say both are qualities we can practice. Like learning to play a piano we can gain greater proficiency. Look into the faces of those who have listened to their mother’s, “Share with your brother.” as a personal challenge, not as a committee project. These people seem to glow from the inside out, as though they consumed glow sticks daily after every meal.
As they broaden the idea of ‘brother’ more and more they truly see the homeless guy as a sibling and they change.
Is there a change in people’s chemistry as they receive and notice more and more messages about WHAT to share? I wonder what would happen to the world if half the people in my neighborhood woke up every morning wondering, “Wow, I wonder what will happen today? Yesterday as I drove to the grocery I saw a friend waiting for the bus so I circled the corner and offered him a ride. I took him downtown where he was heading to take his final exam. What adventure will I run into today?” John recently purchased more than a hundred  tiny glo-sticks. Now he’s finding homes for them, it’s been truly interesting.

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