Define Art: What Is Creation?

As an artist I make a word sound in my mouth or a mark on paper to represent a tree. To say the word ‘tree’ does not cause one to grow in the air before me. To squiggle charcoal on a page does not cause a tree to grow from the paper, I’m simply using a sound or lines to represents a tree.
Evidently God can talk and make something take form; come into existence. Beethoven took an orchestra and MADE something. He didn’t represent Napoleon’s voice with a sound; he didn’t use a combination of horns and strings to sound exactly like a man talking, or drums to sound exactly like Napoleon walking. He dedicated a music to the man but Beethoven CREATED A THING: music.
We have a tendency to say ‘real art’ has to look exactly like the apple; exactly! But we like Beethoven can create a thing. It might also have an apple as an idea to spring from but the power of the piece tells a story to our inner being, like a Ludwig’s Fifth

Flamenco In Olive Room

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