You’re Free To Do As You’re Told

I’m a Morman (Latter Day saint) who follows Buddha, has a favorite Catholic Saint (1136 Hildegard von Bingen) and I claim a Rabbi. Rabbi Lapin taught me if we would do just one thing; just one, all the following wonderful things would be the result:
Prosperity of all most all of us would rise
Crime would fall, radically
Prisons would not be crowded
Kids would finish high school
Kids would have families
Neighbors would help neighbor
More people would want to work
Government would become small
Taxes fall
And my beloved President would have written a book on how great marriage is rather than what a jerk he was.
Marriage is the key. I don’t believe in force or legislating good behavior but I can think of a million ways to encourage, promote and celebrate marriage. Many think the great popularity of the Twilight Saga is its plot’s strong sharp pointing toward marriage.
God made the universe using eternal rules (I think of them as physics). Rule 1: freedom to choose. Several other rules follow, each explaining a cause and effect formula. Choose to follow= joy. Choose not to follow=sorrow. Rabbi Lapin explained this cause and effect; no marriage= sad behavior= anarchy= it’s impossible to have a government.

I drew the pictures below except the yellow painting of Hieldegard. I made the picture of Christ looking to us to be more like children. The cricket reminds me of Buddha and the last painting to the far right is of Rabbi
Jesus Grasshopper Hildegard Lapin

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