Seven’s the Lucky Number

A friend, Brian, and I were talking about older cultures whose boys were trained in all manly things by their uncles. Brian said he’d seen instances were children wouldn’t learn from parents or parents didn’t teacher their kids well..
When I taught teens, regularly, I often had parents tell me they’d taught their kids a certain principle over and over; nothing took. I taught that same thing from the manual once and their kids came home VERY excited to have heard and understood something NEW! I told parents I thought it took hearing a thing seven times before a new idea be comprehended. They’d already done all the work.
Brian said something similar happens in his family, but it’s his wife who can hear an idea, from him, over and over, rejecting it every time, then talk to her Mother, who suggested the thing ONCE and she was excited and ready to go!
Of course the answer hit us both at the same time. A formula!
Brian is to count his suggestions and after the sixth calls his mom- in-law!
I wonder how many times someone has suggested this formula to Brian and I?

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