Zoom Lens, Quilts, And Kids

 When I was little I got to lay on my Mom’s bed if I was sick. If I was too sick for school I was too sick to play so laid there, nothing else to do but study her quilt. The small pieces, of drab flower printed fabric, were surrounded by boring white and ugly, cooked egg yolk, yellow.

Yesterday John, Brian (a friend), and I photographed thirty of my quilts, again. We discovered a zoom lens was necessary or the main pattern would be clear but the details of each print fabric would be a smear. Many of my quilts have backs, telling a different story but retaining the same theme as their fronts. Those shown below are backs and as a result each has to be flipped and photoed again.

Close to the fifth hour, in the hard sun, Brian and I were lifting a heavy big one to the two ladders holding a fabric wrapped board. We pinned the Dragon Quilt to it and Brian said,”If you made smaller quilts, they wouldn’t be so heavy!” I complained, “If I didn’t make such nice quilts we wouldn’t be photographing them.”

It’s exciting for me to see these pieces from a distance because they’re so big that while I’m hand sewing them I can’t see the color balance and pattern, I know it’s there but I can’t see it. I think they would entertain a child although I’ve grown old enough to appreciate the soft colors in my Mom’s old quilt.  nancymauerman.com

Quilts Of 3




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