On a warm sunny day I was under my grape vine and I felt a fine mist on the back of my neck, “It’s going to rain!” I gleefully told John.
We looked up;not a cloud. Now, let me tell you at this point it can be sunny in Portland and still pour down rain from a compact cloud over another part of town. (John used to call his Mother and exclaim, “It rains sideways here!”)                                                                    But in this case- NO CLOUDS.
We held out our hands and felt nothing of course and went back to my place under the grape leaves and it was lightly sprinkling. Looking up we saw hundreds of tiny droplets, launching like jewels against the sky. They shot through the sky in arches maybe five inches in every direction from the tip of each of the grape vine’s new translucent growth.
The vines were spitting. I look forward to this every year.   nancymauerman.com

10 thoughts on “WHEN GRAPE LEAVES SPIT!

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