Cat Toys

Two cats live with John and I; Formica Dinette Patrice Foxford Mauerman and Tesla. Both are indoor cats so I feel an obligation to keep them entertained and exercised and have bought numerous cat toys but have found their favorites are paper bags, cardboard boxes an old six foot wooden ladder (I move around from place to place) and a big piece of cardboard about seven feet long,and a little over four feet wide.This last I’ve folded length wise twice so it can lay on the floor with two sides up forming a triangle tunnel. One side is a little narrower so when I pick it up and all side fold together to be stored behind a door. When it’s out though, Formica skulks inside and waits for John to leave the room and forget she’s there. When John eventually reenters Fornica pops out lunging at him and he screams every time. She smugly backs into her tunnel and waits for him to forget again.

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