Found Objects And Bad Singing

Old found objects contrast with a new picture in the picture below. It’s painted on two doors that open a little off center and when they’re closed is called, Me and the Z Box. The colors are opposites; gold / silver and red / green. The red is in the form of a cool pink, the green, in two places, is also pastel: the beads on the frame plus the greenish glass eyes. Also opposite are the opac green beads / transparent green glass eyes. The round silver colored objects contrast with the clear ones on the frame.

For some reason this painting reminds me of a mother who told me her children came home from church and around the dinner table one said, “My teacher loves me, she sometimes brings cupcakes.” Another child said,”My teacher loves me because he brings cookies.” The third child said, “My teacher loves me. She sings to me.” I was surprised and pleased the little fellow accepted singing as a good gift. I don’t sing well so I didn’t want to to use it as part of my lesson but sometimes singing hymns and children’s songs were the best way to communicate.

Me And The Z Box – Doors Closed – Framed

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