Rocks And Mothers

Someone once said, “Educate a man and you’ve educated a generation; educate a woman and you’ve educated four generations.” Studies have been done to find the secret behind many of the worlds greatest and best people.  There was only one thing they had in common; these people spent a great deal of time with their mothers.

The mother below is stretching children’s imaginations by celebrating Rock Day. This is an illustration from my book Dragon’s Tale, and shows a family, plus the boy next door, eating rock butter and jelly sandwiches (chunky peanut butter) on slabs of flat rocks they use as plates. Perhaps the next year they’ll rock hound, visit a giant erratic rock, adopt a pet one, look at tiny ones in a microscope, buy one on a chain at a rock store, visit gems in a jewelry store or outer space stones in a museum.

Mothering comes in many forms: aunts, grandmas, godparents, teachers, scout leaders, neighbors and friends. Grab a kid and celebrate rocks.

From the children's book Dragon's Tale image dragon up a tree

From the children’s book Dragon’s Tale image dragon up a tree

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