One Day Snakes Flew In

One day snakes flew in, spit fire, and bite a bunch of people. These snakes, with fire and wings, are carved into the wooden frame below and are painted on the tile- like surface of the inner picture. Their fires pointing at Moses. He’s holding his walking stick over his head for all the many snake bit people to see. Moses fastened brass snakes to the top of his stick, and the instructions to the people were to look at it and voila: they wouldn’t die of flying snake bites. The brass snakes and stick weren’t magic but represented faith in Christ. Look to Him and wonderful things still happen.

At first it confusing to me to look UP to a negative event: the snakes. But when things bother me I often find answers, as I did in this case. Being bothered or facing hardships ARE NOT BAD; they CAN cause growth; ask any Olympian. Training isn’t fun but strengthening. They train hard for a great event, so can we.

Flying Fiery Serpents - Framed - Click Here To View Larger

Flying Fiery Serpents – Framed – Click Here To View Larger

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