Chococolate Cake With Raisins Donut Bag And Gun

My mom always said, “Opposites attract,”  as John and I compared new driver stories, his waking nightmares were numerous, mine- of just one type.  Once John was in the driver’s seat, the back was full, and beside him sat the instructor, the road in front of John was curved: John drove straight.  Straight off the road, plunged down a steep hill and luckily found another road below. John smoothly attached himself to it. He pulled over to the side, as it he’d planned the whole thing, stopped the car and he said, “It’s someone elses turn!”

I did not want to drive. My life had always been out of control, I’d do or say something in my family to which I could expect a logical response but got; occasionally that, but more often illogical and strange results. So, the last month of High School, I got in the car, kids in back, and beside me an instructor, behind a twin set of car controls, and I WENT SLOW.  My instructor, unlike John unfortunate one, never had cause to USE his controls. (John’s instructor, of course, wasn’t quick enough to use his.) Well, I INTENDED to go slow.  But sometimes the car sped UP ON ITS OWN. I’d apply the brake AND THE CAR WENT EVEN FASTER! At other times the brake worked logically, and I thought, “What else is new.”  At the end of the month the instructor said I’d was fine except that I was the only one he’d had to use his controls on; I drove too slow. eesh, that explained everything, but he said, now with time behind the wheel , experience, I was ready to hit the road on my own. The picture of the person stepping in a chocolate cake below, to me says, control problem.”

Choc. Cake W Raisins Donut Bag And Gun - Framed

Choc. Cake W Raisins Donut Bag And Gun – Framed

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