I bet you’ve never worn red meat as jewelry? I met a man with a very creative mind who did. You might tell me, if you’d met him, that his mind was so creative he could never hold a job. O.k. yes, maybe he couldn’t fry burgers or design space craft, but he did a job on my mind, I’ve never been the same. He’s a treasure for me.

His picture is below. His name is private; his face I left vague to protect the innocent and he’s wearing a pork chop necklace and two strips of bacon around his right ankle. In the painting the meat is still red although it was a bit older and green when the people who worked for him discovered, what he had done as a creative jeweler. Those people weren’t as enthralled with his personal decor as I was and had changed his tooth paste, his shirts, sent him to the doctor and dentist and made him shower twice a day trying to solve the smelly accessory side effect. He removed his treasures before he showered and hid them under his bed for safe keeping. When he was fresh and clean he hung the chop under his buttoned up shirt and tied the green bacon around his ankle under his sock and right pant leg.

My mother also made a great impression on me with her hand made, and very creative jewelry. She made two sets of rings, of solid silver, using the lost wax method. One set were five rings, two for the right hand and three for the left, of trees whose roots wrapped around her fingers and whose branches held peridots, a green stone, that covered a great deal of her fingers. The second set were five jagged trunk- like things sticking up in the air a few inches, holding transparent orange stones. I was counting on inheriting them. Every time I visited mom I wore them around her house like a little girl in her mother’s high heal shoes. But one time they were gone. She’d given them away. “To a casual friend. She’s a lady of large statue and big hands who’d long admired them and who looked better under them than me.”  “You gave them away?” I said, “There was a lot of money involved in make those things.”  “Oh yes, but she could never have afforded them; so I gave them to her.”

Again, accessories changed my way of thinking.  nancymauerman.com

Allmarine - Framed



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