Inside the Dumpling Inside Ralph’s Mouth – Bloom’s Taxonomy

When I was teaching teenagers in Sunday School regularly, a friend gave me a copy of Boom’s Taxonomy which explained that to best teach,  a student would RECEIVE information, USE the info. involving eyes, hands, body, brain, and CREATE SOMETHING NEW. Perhaps a piece of art.

The roads in the Outsider Art picture below, remind me of a John new driver story in which he and the teacher used a version of Bloom’s Taxonomy without a saying a single word. This is a variation I’ve never tried, possibly because I’m not a guy.

John’s Dad decided to give John a driving lesson. They both got in the family car, John behind the wheel; no word spoken. John ignited the engine, twisted in his seat to look behind him; no word spoken. No, “Take it easy,” or “Take it slow,” or such like was verbally instructed. So John floored it, took out a panel of fence, slammed on the brake, got out of the car, slammed its door, and John went in the house. No word spoken.

John’s Dad never said anything either. No, “Now you did it,” or “What you you thinking?” or such like, he just fixed the fence. And John’s Dad never tried to teach John to drive again. So much was learned: how not to teach driving, how not to back out the driveway, how exhilarating driving should not be, and how much John’s Dad loved him. And John CREATED SOMETHING, nothing I’d call art, but it was something, and to confirm John’s Dad did love John, Dad put the fence back to rights.

Inside the Dumpling Inside Ralph's Mouth - Framed

Inside the Dumpling Inside Ralph’s Mouth – Framed

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