Two Sisters – Plastic Bags And Memories

These two sisters are really one person as John is often dichotomous. John is DESPERATE for treasure; things like water filters, the perfect cookie, camouflage poncho liners or P-38’3 (can openers). He’ll search with ferver,  joyfully buy bundles of the items, tie them up in good plastic bags, pile them in the middle of the floor for a month and a half to admire, finally he buries them in the basement….then he GIVES them all away!

Also, I often hear this montra, “I don’t like people! I hope no one calls, I really don’t like people,” but within the hour, “Where’s Nelly? She said she’d stop by,” and “I haven’t seen Brian I wish he’d come over,” or, “What’s up with Bart? He should be calling me back,” and, “Its been a while since I’ve heard from Anna, Micheal, and Paul. They should be coming by to see me.”  But then…. his favorite memories, those he regularly chews over, are about his interaction with people. The things he said; their reaction. The things they said, and he reflects on every word uttered and the fine nuances in their faces and their body language. Its as if he’s rolling a Jolly Roger around in his mouth, he’s reluctant but finally swallows with a grin over and over.

Two Sisters - Framed

Two Sisters – Framed

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