I Danced A Dissagrement And WON

When I was young I dreamed of being a flamenco dancer; my parents pointed out I had no rhythm, I couldn’t clap to a Sousa march, even after taking ballet for years. When I was around eight my scout troop entertained a retirement home. I was to “dance” on point while Kathy Sprinkle played ‘The Swan’ on her violin. This song has been danced to for years, mostly with a step called ‘Bourree.’  Both feet close together, tip toe a fraction of in inch over and over, making movement in a direction and giving the illusion of GLIDING across the floor.  My teacher would say, “Quiver! Quiver!”

I quivered all right; I was chubby and sway backed. My butt quivered in back, my belly undulated in front! I knew I couldn’t pull off a swan so I pleaded, “I think it would be better to make a funny dance.” The scout leader said, “Nope, we need the swan,” so I danced… probably looking like a new born horse flopping around on wobbly legs in feathers.  Looking back on it now, I do believe I won that argument. I’d still like to learn how to clap and dance the flamenco. nancymauerman.com

Flamenco In Olive Room - Framed

Flamenco In Olive Room – Framed

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