A Giant Tree Grew Inside The House!

A pine tree grew out of the roof of a very small house in our neighborhood! The house is square, boring in ever other way but where the equal side slabs of roof peak, a massive tree grows out and towers over the small home. What must the inside be like?

I have surprises in my house too. Two big owl eyes fill the upstairs windows facing the street, that’s my Christmas present from John, and he had ME draw the eyes.

A large ladder is always open in our living room; no couch. The most fun thing in my house is JOHN. He came home from O. H. S. U., the hospital that is managing the deadly drug test he’s participating in, and Amy asked, “How are things going?”

John’s answer, “60.”

Amy, didn’t miss a beat, “What would 50 be?” nancymauerman.com

Snake Up a Tree - Framed

Snake Up a Tree – Framed

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