Marilyn Monroe Argues Over An Avocado

We don’t squabble over things like the last half of an avocado. It’s sitting open faced around it’s seed in the frig., so I tell John, “If you’re hungry, don’t forget the avocado.” “Thanks,” he says, “but if you’re hungry first you can have it; I’ll buy another one.”  “No, no,” I answer, You like them better than I do.”

We’ve been verbally passing the thing back and forth so long the conversation began to take on the trappings of a dare,”You can eat it.” “Oh, thank you very much. You eat it.” Then as the avocado dried and shriveled into leather, “You’d probably like that avocado better if you put a full spectrum light bulb in the refrigerator first and let the thing sprout roots and grow.”  “Yea,” he said, “You  take it’ you’d have something else to bonsai.”

The picture below shows how delighted I am to have a marriage that anti- argues over produce.

Sally - Framed

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