Contest: Win A Chicken Quilt

Win a reading quilt by answering a question in a humorous way. Answer one of the questions at the back of the book, Chickens in Birthday Suits. The story is a true one about a friend of mine who threw birthday parties at the park for her chickens on each of their birthdays, or Hatch Days, as the hens call them.

To  see the quilt refer to yesterday’s blog, and read the book now or order it as a free Ebook from Amazon from July 16 to sometime on July 20.

I’ve been asked, “What’s a reading Quilt?”  My children invented the idea. They each turned a square of good memory, their baby quilts, into reading quilts. They’d rap up in them in the winter as they read and the summer they threw them on the floor and wallowed on top with their books. What a wonderful idea, mix the memory of being loved and cherished as a baby with the comfort and excitement of books as they face the challenges of growing up. My children are in their thirties and still love to read, and the last time I heard,they still have scrapes of what used to be their reading quilts


From the children's book 'Chickens In Birthday Suits'

From the children’s book ‘Chickens In Birthday Suits’

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