Please Do All My Thinking For Me

This distressed woman, in the picture below, saw a guest on a British T.V.. On a morning talk show a woman represented a political faction, their main point: every unplanned pregnancy should be aborted. Also every child, age six and under, with any type of illness or imperfection should be killed. That should be legal. The cameraman froze his camera in place on the two hosts as they heard this and were frozen in action, speechless. The guest explained it would be kind to not have those kids drag down society financially and in other ways and, besides, it would be kind. We wouldn’t want them to face pain and or people being rude to them. In fact, the woman went on, we should kill kids up to age six if they’re not wanted in any way or if they weren’t planned. Someone called out, “cut” and the camera shut off in mid sentence.

I was planned, my husband was a surprise to his parents. I knew someone like him was possible and when I finally found him I was in my forties, I chased him; he’s my treasure.

I suppose it depends on what you think life SHOULD be. I think we are here to learn. I have a few treasured people in my life who have taught me a great deal. One is a friend with downs syndrome, she is definitely my treasure.

I think the woman on the British morning show thinks we’re born here just to have fun and pleasure. Differences of opinion make me think and learn. Good and great, but what if we ALLOW a person to think for all of us, to decide what we all need, never to think about it ourselves, or discuss it, after all we need to have fun, then allow a person to legislate that idea into actionable law? What if we allow a person to say, “You have to ,ha ha, pass this law to find out what’s in it, ha ha.”

I think the camera should freeze on us. We should not sit stuck in silence. No one should call,”CUT!”  Let’s freeze the camera on this idea that says we should only work a few hours a week so we can have more fun; lets let another do all the thinking and control us. What are we babies? What’s wrong with us? We need to talk about this.








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