Grow Taller in Ninety Days a Poem

You want me to what? Stop eating pizza and cookies? The picture below shows my face if this had been the admonishment and order given to me but Fred Mauerman wasn’t distressed.

Fred is my husband’s older brother and the fire department he once worked for announced that he was too heavy in relation to his height, he was told, “Fix the problem,” but Fred was in no way stressed.

The health team weighed him months later and found the same weight. He was sternly confronted and asked, “Have you even worked at losing weight?” “No,” he answered, “I’ve worked at growing taller instead.”

Fred just came for a visit and packed in plenty of pizza and cookies. Statistically speaking I would not have liked to have been his boss but noting his creative problem solving skills I would have felt confident if I’d been a damsel distressed.



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