Cat Talk

The woman opened the door for no reason then she poured her cats’ favorite food into two bowls, both of which were already full. All the time the woman chattered and then she flipped around a feather on a string but she didn’t look like she was having any fun. Still chattering the woman sat down while the cats watched. One cat sat down in front of the woman again meowed and flipped his tail.

The second cat swished her tail to the other cat meaning, “What has she talking about? Do you understand anything she says?”

The first cat blinked and made a quick flip with her tail to say, “How could I possibly understand anything when she doesn’t have a tail.”

The picture below is from Old McDonald Had A Haunted House. It’s free today and a few more days from Amazon as an EBook.

Cat - Old MacDonald Had A Haunted House

Cat – Old MacDonald Had A Haunted House

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