An Inspired Spider and a Wrinkle Removal

John waves a broomstick up and down through the air from our front porch to our truck. He’s beating down spider webs but I bet he looks strange to the neighbors.

John’s not afraid of spiders in fact he still walks house spiders onto a piece of paper and shakes them outside. He just doesn’t want another brown recluse spider bite. Luckily he got bit by one a few years ago. He looked up treatment in his books, treated the bite with a Tens Unit, and took himself  to the doctor checking for blood problems. But the bite brought tears to his eyes it hurt so much.

This is why the bite was lucky or inspired, if you can call it that. The doctor found John’s leukemia before it was severe. Great timing.

I’m amused to see John walk to the truck, and I’m thankful for an inspired spider. What a great life. The picture below is from my silly book, “Old McDonald Had A Haunted House.’ It’s free as an EBook at Amazon for a few more days


Web - Old MacDonald Had A Haunted House

Web – Old MacDonald Had A Haunted House

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