Lets Wire Our Brains To Computers

Soon we’ll wear glasses and blink sending a brain message to the glasses which will overlay the person we’re looking at with information and maybe read his mind.

I heard a scientist say we’ll be linked to our televisions.  We’ll think, “What did that guy say?  I missed it,” and the television will instantly repeat the scene.  Or we may think, “This is too loud,” instantly the volume will lower.

How wonderful. I can’t wait. Envision this: a family of four is watching a movie together. The television, or telea -hologram probably, will constantly go back a few frames which will break the emotional flow for a second person. Then it will zoom forward for someone who doesn’t want to see the thing twice and this will be way too fast for a third person. And what’s loud for one is too quiet for another. The volume will pop up and down suddenly, often startling the others.

Each member of the family will blink at each other in frustration, then angrily as they READ EACH OTHER MIND’S. Who knows they might even stare real daggers at each other.

John close up

John close up



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