Kabuki or Lawrence of Arabia

Yesterday John announced he was going to the store to shop for a Halloween costume. He said, “I want to be a Kabuki dancer.”

But he came back empty handed.  He didn’t find anything along even close. So he reannounced, “I changed my mind. On Halloween I’m going as a nudest!” And if the kids at the door scream I’ll wear a towel. And if it slips I’ll wrap it around my head and be Lawrence of Arabia!” John is so versatile!

The picture below is from one of my dreams. A similar subject might enter the night time muzeings of the neighborhood children if John follows through on his costume. But I think he’s kidding. I hope he’s kidding! Just in case I hid the candy so there is nothing for John to hand out. nancymauerman.com

 Lizards Black

Lizards Black

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