Recipe For A Funeral?

A new lady said yes she’d bring a main course. Several women were also signed up to bring the main course and all received the same recipe. It was a recipe, one very often used.

The day of the dinner came but during dessert the new lady looked worried so someone asked, “Is there a problem?” “Not sure,” was the answer. “So far no one looks sick.” You see the recipe used that night had a name. I, years before, and the new lady considered this name very unconventional, FUNERAL POTATOES! The dish is what the rest of the world calls Scalloped Potatoes but this cultural group used the term Funeral Potatoes for maybe a hundred years. At one time the name knocked me off balance too when I was new to the group.

But I do appreciate non traditional thinking as in the example below. My sweater is full of bunnies and snakes, birds and vines but not lined up in rows. The critters wander around on it like they would in a field.


sweater and close ups

sweater and close ups

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