747s and Carrots

While I was reading a book about technology I ran across this question; which is more complicated, a 747 or a carrot? I think of all the people it takes to collect, refine, and transport materials to various locations then all the skills, training, and working together, of others, to construct a plane. I wonder if an equivalent number could take dry ground, water, air, and sun to construct a carrot?
I am truly impressed with ‘man’ as we work together for good. Yes, I’m aware that for every single thing man does well, someone will use that thing for bad, but the majority of men start young to reconstruct themselves into men who care about others and the world around them.  Man can reconstruct himself and construct a 747 but not a carrot.
And yes again, I’m aware that I used the term ‘men ‘ to mean men and women but then I haven’t ridden a horse in a long long time! I’m not about to say I haven’t ridden stallions, mares and or geldings in a long long time, so get over it.  nancymauerman.com

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