Daddy Needs A Pacifier

Thirty had been the ideal.  All children wanted to be that age. Not long ago fashion models might have been thirteen but they were made up to look older and everyone over thirty two wished downwards. Mid-life crises caused old men to buy fast cars to try to relive thirty, to hang on, and to extend thirty.

Now the commercials for cars advertise to four to seven year- olds!  Five years old is the new ideal!

Fathers drive then turn in their seats to get the toddler’s approval, or the five year old drives the new car. Toys made for four to eight year olds are featured inside the new cars. In car commercials the camera focuses on a beaming new car owner who is five year old!

Plus the federal government considers everyone under twenty seven to be a child and to be taken care of by Mommy and Daddy.  If I were you I’d buy stocks in


Self Portrait

Self Portrait

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