Outsider Art Inside The Dumpling Inside Ralph’s Mouth

This is drawn in Crayola Crayon and over layered with tissue paper in a few places. It’s in the primary colors red, yellow and blue and has two compositions. Composition is the pattern your eye travels around and over the picture. The brown boxes form a big X and an overlapping triangle composition is made by the red horse at the middle bottom and the two side pieces of red sky.

But why is a horse walking in an open window and what do the brown boxes made of people mean? Trees wearing white tissue paper dresses fly across the upper sky and children’s watches fringe the frame of this piece.

Good Outsider Art is technically tight in color use, composition, design and more. These things will grab you as well as subconscious messages. But there is no CORRECT meaning or reaction. As two people listen to a Chopin nocturne one may hear sadness and another sublime beauty. You don’t need to know why the artist did what he did. But the artist must understand and use or break the “art rules” well. Years ago I walked into a gallery filled with sloppily nailed together windmill type contraptions. A sign on the wall told us what the artist said they represented to him. He built the things sloppy not to add to the message but because it was IN. Yes he’d done therapy but not art as far as I’m concerned. nancymauerman.com


Inside The Dumpling Inside Ralph's Mouth - Framed

Inside The Dumpling Inside Ralph’s Mouth – Framed


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